Flora Danica svampetavler

Flora Danica Fungi plates from the Danish Mycological Society

Flora DanicaThe famous work Flora Danica contains several plates of fungi (and Mycetozoa, included here). The plates were published during the period from 1761 to 1874. The plates are made as engraved copper plates. After printing, they were hand coloured, but uncoloured copies exist too. A total of 3980 plates were published, containing mostly plants, but also covering algae, fungi, lichens and mycetozoa. The Danish Mycological Society owns a uncoloured set of the fungus plates. These illustrations are here made available to the public for free, non-commercial use. You can print out the illustrations and make a mushroom colouring book for your kids!

You can find links to lists of the plates here below. Clicking on thumbnail will show you a thumbnail of the plate. Clicking on 300 dpi will present you with a 300 dpi version. Note that the plates do not have the same physical size, but all are scanned in 300 dpi. Please note that the 300 dpi versions range from about 300 kB to 2 mB so they can take a while to download. The name on the list is taken from the published nomenclator (Lange, J. 1887, Nomenclator “Florae Danicae”). These names is often quite outdated and in the future, an updated list of names will be presented.

A coloured version of the plate (plate MD, number 1500, Polyporus squamosus) shown here can be seen here. The Botanical Museum in Copenhagen owns one of the most beautiful coloured versions and this version will become available at their homepage.

If you wish to use some of the plates in a publication or on your website, please refer to this homepage as:

Lange, C. (2005). Flora Danica Fungi plates from the Danish Mycological Society. http://www.svampe.dk/floradanica/
Plates 1800-2450

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