The Genus Hebeloma

Fungi of Northern Europe, Vol. 3.
“The genus Hebeloma ” by Jan Vesterholt.
The genus Hebeloma
“The genus Hebeloma” is a breakthrough work on this complicated and overlooked group of fungi. Fully illustrated with photos of fruitbodies and drawings of spores and cystidia, the book is the climax of the authors 24 year long study of the genus.
All 45 species known from Northern Europe are keyed out and described in detail. The descriptions are based on extensive fieldwork and microscopical analysis including studies of many types. Recent results of molecular work by collaborators have been included to give a new and sound basis for the delimitation of species and higher taxa.
“The genus Hebeloma” is the third volume in the series “Fungi of Northern Europe”. Other volumes include “The genus Hygrocybe” and “The genus Lactarius”.

The genus Hebeloma can be ordered from Svampetryk.

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