The genus Hygrocybe

Fungi of Northern Europe, Vol. 1.

Genus Hygrocybe“The genus Hygrocybe” by David Boertmann.

This is the first volume in the new series “Fungi of northern Europe”, published by The Danish Mycological Society. Each volume will  include keys, descriptions and colour photographs of the species.
Since the authors are leading experts of the groups in question, the volumes will appear as revisions addressing problems concerning taxonomy and nomenclature, as well as practical guides to the groups. The first volume “The genus Hygrocybe” is written by David Boertmann, known from papers on Hygrocybe in Nordic Journal of Botany and the Danish periodical Svampe. Among the future releases will be volumes treating the genera Lactarius, Tricholoma and Hebeloma.

The latest edition (2010)  comprises 200 pages and includes colour photographs of 62 species and varieties.

The genus Hygrocybe can be ordered from Svampetryk.


Genus Hygrocybe opslag

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