The Genus Lactarius

Fungi of Northern Europe, Vol. 2.
“The genus Lactarius” (“Mælkehatte”)
by Jacob Heilmann-Clausen,
Annemieke Verbeken & Jan Vesterholt.
The genus Lactarius
‘The genus Lactarius’ is the second volume in the series ‘Fungi of Northern Europe’. It provides identification keys, detailed descriptions, colour photographs and drawings of the microscopical features of all 97 northern European species of Lactarius recognized by the authors.
The authors Jacob Heilmann-Clausen (Copenhagen, Denmark), Annemieke Verbeken (Gent, Belgium) and Jan Vesterholt (Copenhagen, Denmark) have made comprehensive descriptions of fresh material of Lactarii from various parts of Europe, thus basing their work on authentic observations of actual specimens. Furthermore, the detailed studies of African Lactarii by Annemieke Verbeken have contributed to a broader scope and general knowledge of the genus.
The result is a much wanted and comprehensive work on a very interesting but difficult genus.

The book includes description of one new species, two new combinations and several typifications. It comprises 287 pages. It can be obtained in bot an english (“The genus Lactarius”) and a danish (“Mælkehatte”) version.

Price 250 Dkr.

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